Diy fiberglass insect screen

DIY Magnetic Window Screen

发表日期 : 2015-4-2 11:04:17


Magnetic window screen detail fix is:

1. Raw materials:

1) Angle: 4 pecs

2) Clip: 2 pecs

3) Mosquito net: 1 pecs

4) Stripe: 4 pecs (include back -glue magnetic stripe, PC magnetic stripe, PVC stripe)

2. Steps of installation:

1) Check the raw material

2) Measure the window frame size, cut PVC stripes.

Notice: PVC stripe height is longer 3cm than the frame


Width longer 0.5-1cm than the frame size

3) Fix the PVC stripe to the angles.

4) Nebeneinander the mosquito net on the frame. Use the PC magnetic stripe put the mosquito net into the PVC stripe in-aboard, then press out-aboard.

5) Cut the extra mosquito net

6) Paste back-glue magnetic stripe and fix clips

Attract the back-glue magnetic stripe to PC stripe. Rive the protect film of the back-glue magnetic stripe, fix the two clips, about 1/3 position of the frame top on each side

7) Fix window screen

Clean the screen window, keep dry and clean. Rive the top protecting film, fix solid position, and then rive the left, right, bottom and clip's protecting film. Press the back-glue magnetic stripe to strength.