Fiberglass folding screen

Folding Insect Screen

发表日期 : 2015-4-2 10:52:13



Material: fibeglass,polyester.


1. window screen is easy to do-it-yourself install

2. window screen is elegant

3. window screen is smart

Folding screens is to satisfy the stealth stealth screens are not free positioning and R & D, and the product has a retractable stealth, arbitrary location and other characteristics, and its organ-style folding window type has a strong artistic effect.Invisible: Use at the time of gauze in the end pulled out from the side of the orbit, thus blocking the mosquitoes into the room, put away when not in the handle, screening over the side rails on the inside fold, so that invisible gauze.Easy to clean: easy cleaning of folding screens to make your screens each day as new.anti-wind design:; in the design of the screens within the side rails fixtures, so that it does not encounter strong winds from the side rails slide gauze, while the mosquitoes completely block access.