Fiberglass insect door

Fiberglass magnetic screen door

发表日期 : 2015-4-1 17:55:44

Fiberglass screen door bug mesh features: The fiberglass bug mesh is well ventilate, easy washing, anticorrosive, resistant to burn, with stable shape, long service life and feels straight .

Fiberglass bug mesh application: Fiberglass bug mesh is widely used for all sorts of airy installation preventing insects and mosquito in construction, orchard, ranch, etc.

[Standard Mesh/inch] 20×20×18,18×18,18×16,18×14,16×16,16×14,14×14 etc .

[Standard Color]Grey, Black,White,Green,Yellow,Gray-White Mix.Etc.(inquire about the availability of other colors)

Material: 60%fiberglass and 40%pvc resin

Mesh size: 18*16, 18*18, 18*20, 16*16, 16*14, 14*14,etc

Weight: 105g-128g/m2

Color: charcoal, black, white, silver, grey, yellow, etc

Width: within 3m

Length: 30-50m or at your request